What is Home Staging?

Home Staging

The concept of Home Staging is a set of techniques that allow to enhance a home and give it a more attractive look for potential buyers. Home Staging literally means staging the house. These techniques were developed in the United States some thirty years ago and are now being applied in Europe in countries such as the United Kingdom, Sweden or France.

The goal of Home Staging is to condition a home so that it is sold as quickly as possible and at the best price.

Specifically, Home Staging consists of:

Organize the space and harmonize
The work of the Home Stager consists of using these techniques to highlight the strong points and minimize the weak points of a property. Therefore, it is not about hiding the defects, but about fixing them. Nor is it about decorating the house, since decoration is something very personal and in the case of Home Staging the goal is to turn the house into a neutral and cozy place in which most visitors feel comfortable.

Why resort to Home Staging?

Potential buyers who visit a home often have difficulty projecting themselves into a very personalized home or with a very marked decoration so they do not finally make a purchase offer. For this reason one of the fundamental principles of Home Staging is to depersonalize the property so that it likes the greatest number of people and who can imagine living in the house from the first minutes of the visit.

To sell your home when the offer abounds and potential customers are very demanding, we must highlight it from the competition. After applying Home Staging techniques, the homes look impeccable, comfortable and cozy, standing out from the existing offer.

Homes that are not in perfect condition are very often the subject of important price negotiations, which result in cuts of up to 15%. A home in which a Home Staging has been applied limits any possibility of negotiation since, since there is nothing to criticize, it is sold at its true value.

Thanks to the Home Staging properties are sold fast and at the best price.

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