10 things you should know about Home Staging

70% of those who start the search for housing, either for rent or for sale, start the search online. So the first thing they see of our homes is an image. And home staging is gaining strength as a marketing technique to attract more customers.

More and more home staging is gaining strength as a marketing technique to attract more customers and uses decoration as a weapon. Home staging is nothing but pure logic. The better the product is presented, the more customers we will get and therefore more sales possibilities. It is pure mathematics.

All the products are subject to a marketing process before going to market, and why are not the houses? a decoration project takes into account its inhabitants and the project is developed thinking about them and creating a comfortable and functional home.

Home staging is to prepare the house so that it looks in all its splendor to attract a greater number of potential customers, and therefore, the aesthetic of the functional. It is essential to prioritize space, views, decoration, etc.

Depersonalizing is not saving four photos, depersonalizing goes further: it is neutralizing spaces, of course keeping personal objects, but also changing textiles of curtains, sheets, etc., and often the arrangement of furniture. Decongesting the house is key in home staging projects.

In the real estate portals the photos of mattresses abound and usually occupy the central part of the photo. Sincerely it is not a very attractive image, for that reason we advise to place some textiles because we will gain a lot both in the image, as in the sensations.

We all know that an empty house seems smaller. We can choose to furnish it low cost, or with cardboard furniture. That is not a handicap to know if the bed fits or not. Customers do not have to imagine what the house would be like. They have to feel and imagine living there.

The home staging is not only for the homes considered more economical. In luxury homes it is absolutely essential because the client of the luxury sector does not buy a product, but buys a dream within reach of few.

Professional photographs will attract a greater number of potential clients, but they must be true to reality.

How much does a home staging cost? It can go from 300 euros, which would be a simple intervention, to 1% of the total value of the home. In this case, this would already have furniture etc.

The investment is fully recovered, at the time of sale or rental. If it is for sale, it is proven that you spend less time in the market and suffer less negotiations. If it is for rent, it will be rented easily and quickly and with greater profitability.

Do I do it or contract a professional? you decide your time and your possibilities. If you decide to hire a professional, review the work you have done and if you identify with their style.

A good professional has his guilds, he takes care of purchases, he makes a marketing plan tailored to the home, (target audience, media on / off line) is responsible for the staging and photography, that is to say he performs the turnkey project.


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